Folsom Street Fair
2010 Folsom Street Fair - Entertainment Lineup

Nitzer Ebb 12th Street Stage
12th Street and Folsom
5:05 PM

Nitzer Ebb
Nitzer Ebb

With an unusual name, Teutonic beats and aggressive sound, it is often assumed that Nitzer Ebb originated within the German techno scene, but the truth of the matter is that this trio hailed from the UK – Chelmsford in Essex, to be precise. Formed in 1982 by school friends Douglas McCarthy [Lead vocals, guitar], Vaughn 'Bon' Harris [Vocals, percussion, guitars] and David Gooday [Percussion], Nitzer Ebb were influenced by the harder sounds of the early techno pop scene, distilling elements from several other genres too until they had created their own identifiable sound, characterized by extremely powerful rhythms, minimal sequenced hook lines and fierce, chanted lyrics.

The group caught the attention of PWL producer Phil Harding. Realizing the trio's potential he helped them establish the label Power Of Voice Communications, producing and releasing their debut single "Isn't It Funny How Your Body Works?"(1985). The Nitzer Ebb sound was one of an impassioned techno rage, captured perfectly on three further singles "Warsaw Ghetto"(1985), "Warsaw Ghetto Remixes"(1986) and "Let Your Body Learn"(1986) which all raised their profile considerably to the extent that in Europe they were soon regarded as the leading exponents of the new Hard Beat or Electronic Body Music (EBM) scene.

Taking Phil Harding with them, Nitzer Ebb signed to Mute in November 1986 and released the extremely brutal beats of "Murderous" (1986) followed by the 'International Funk Aggression' of "Let Your Body Learn" (1987) a smash hit in the clubs of New York, whilst the follow-up "Join In The Chant" (1987) was an early and somewhat unlikely hit on the UK acid house scene. Their debut album "That Total Age" (1987) captured the essence of Nitzer Ebb in a perfectly formed package, its combination of controlled anger and irresistible rhythm that becoming for many the most definitive example of the Nitzer Ebb sound. The band continued its success with follow up releases including “Belief” (1989), “Showtime” (1990), “Ebbhead” (1991), and “Big Hit” (1995).

The recent rediscovery of the Hard Beat/EBM genre by a new generation of music fans has seen Nitzer Ebb's work included on many remix albums and compilations. 2004 sees Mute Records honor the enduring influence of Nitzer Ebb with a comprehensive retrospective entitled "Body of Work" (2004). This double CD and DVD package is sure to thrill both converts and the uninitiated alike, and with the growth of interest in a period of electronic music's history that Nitzer Ebb made their own, is sure to see their rampant energy moving dance floors all over the world once more. 2010 begins a new era for Nitzer Ebb, with new music and world tour.

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